Ethical Policies

Ethics labelThe Schneider Regional Medical Center (SRMC), its Governing Board, Medical Staff and employee conduct patient care and all other business operations in an ethical manner, consistent with our mission, vision, values, strategic plan, and our guiding policies. Such ethical practices include, but are not limited to, all areas of patient rights; billing practices; marketing practices; admissions; transfer and discharge practices; and avoidance of conflict or interest in contractual relationships. Regardless of financial risk programs or compensation mechanisms for services provided, clinical decisions will always be made in the best interest of the patient. The hospital’s code of ethical business and professional behavior protects the integrity of clinical decision making, regardless of who the hospital compensates or shares financial risk with its leaders, managers, clinical staff and licensed independent practitioners.

When the hospital recognized and respects patient rights, it is providing an important aspect of care that has been shown to encourage patients to become more informed and involved in their care. These empowered patients ask questions and develop better relationships with their caregivers. This acknowledgement of patient rights also helps patients feel supported by the hospital and those people directly involved in their care, treatment, and services.

Schneider Regional Medical Center ensures that patient rights are maintained, including:

  • Informing patients of their rights
  • Helping patients understand and exercise their rights
  • Respecting patients’ values, beliefs, and preferences
  • Informing patients of their responsibilities regarding their care, treatment, and services

The Patient Relations Department here at the Schneider Regional Medical Center is here to serve as the Patients’ Advocate. Our Mission is to address questions or concerns you or your family members may have about care, hospital policies and procedures, or the quality of hospital services. Patient relations representative are also happy to receive compliments, suggestions, and other recommendations that might improve the services provided by this facility.