Bio Ethics

When the hospital recognizes and respects patient rights, it is providing an important aspect of care that has been shown to encourage patients to become more informed and involved in their care. These empowered patients ask questions and develop better relationships with their caregivers. This acknowledgement of patient rights also helps patients feel supported by the hospital and those people directly involved in their care, treatment, and services.

In challenging circumstances and situations where patient preferences are not clearly delineated, the Ethics process at the Schneider Regional Medical Center ensures that patient rights are maintained, including:

  • Informing patients of their rights
  • Helping patients understand and exercise their rights
  • Respecting patients’ values, beliefs, and preferences
  • Informing patients of their responsibilities regarding their care, treatment, and services

We also recognize patients’, relatives and medical personnel sometimes face difficult treatment and life-and death decisions. SRMC has developed a mechanism that will function in accordance with its mission, vision, and values while complying with USVI laws. Ethical issues will be handled as they arise.

Bio Ethics consultation facilitates the recognition of moral and ethical dilemmas and the resolution of Bio ethical conflicts. The overall goals of the Bio Ethics Committee are:

  1. To promote patient autonomy and self-determination in the context of medical decisions.
  2. To promote awareness of Bio ethical issues among health professionals.
  3. To promote the examination and development of frameworks for Bio ethical decision-making among health professionals.