Guiding Principles


The Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center and the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute function as an integrated health system to provide comprehensive, quality care to residents of the Virgin Islands and visitors of all ages, faiths and races.


To be the healthcare provider of choice to residents of the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean

Core Values

Schneider Regional Medical Center Core Values

Recognition and Reward
We recognize and reward our employees through birthday acknowledgement, service awards, peer-to-peer recognition and formal recognition by board members, senior leaders and managers.

Education and Training
We provide an environment that supports continual intellectual growth to make a difference in the lives and care of the community we serve.

Service Excellence
We deliver quality service and consistently seek to improve our services through innovation and creativity.

We ensure a culture of excellence through quality improvement, delivering clear and measurable objectives, working with integrity, and providing continuous feedback.

We encourage participation at all levels, to include our physicians, nurses, and staff in decision-making processes to improve patient outcomes.

Care and Compassion
We treat every individual with kindness, dignity and respect in a safe nurturing environment.

We believe in partnering with patients and caregivers to achieve the best outcomes.